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1 Corinthians 16:13

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Book Your Camping Spot - Starting June 2nd, 2024

Men's Annual Camping Trip
1. Dates: Thursday, Oct. 3rd - 6th, 2024
- Come Down ANYDAY & ANYTIME & Join us!
- Pastor Rob will be there Wednesday afternoon and stay all weekend.
2. Location: Palisades State Park - 2200 E Palisade Rd, Sterling, UT 84665
- Located about 2 hrs and 25 minutes south.
- When booking try to stay at the "SANPITCH CAMPGROUND"
- If not available try to stay as close as possible.
3. Type of Stay - You can Tent Camp, Get an RV or Camper Spot.
* You can rent your own or share the cost with other guys
* Cabins Sleep 8, but more like 4 to 6 comfortably
* With Full Amenities (Bathroom included) - $100/ night approx.
* With NO Amenities (Public Bathroom) - $80/night approx.
4. How to Sign Up -
- There will be NO Sign Up Sheets, just book your own spots
- Go to Palisades State Park Website and follow the Reservation links
- There is also a link available on this page (Above)
- Reservations can be made no earlier than 4 months out.
- Try to book your dates on June 2nd or as soon as possible
5. What to Pack:
- Everyone should bring their own Camping Equipment and Food for their trip.
- We will get to go Fish, Go Shooting, Go Golfing, Hiking, & ATVing
- Bring Your Own Gear or Book Your own ATV out of Sterling for the trip.
6. Hanging Out - We will do a Campfire each night for a time of worship, devotional and
prayer (Please try to be there for these)
- We will also have a Breakfast Together at a Campsite on Sat at 8am.
- Campground # is 435-835-7275

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