life Groups

How We Do Life Together 

Here at CLC our belief is that according to Mark 12:30-31 we are created to have a loving relationship with God and with people. Life groups help everyone accomplish this by connecting with other believers to do life with. We have groups available 3 semesters a year: fall, spring, and summer. Click the "Life Group" button below if you would like to see what groups we have available at the moment. 

Interested in Leading a Life Group? 

You don't have to have it all together or even have life "figured out" to lead a life group. You just have to be available for God to use you. We equip those who are stepping into leading and build a foundation that brings confidence. We believe as a leader of a Life Group you are a facilitator of communication ,connection, and community.  If you would like more information on leading a group please feel free Click the "Lead" button below and Pastor Taylor will reach out to you! 

Register Your Group 

Once you've decided to lead click the "Register" Button below to sign your group up for launch. Group Registration ends on February 5th 2023 for the Spring Semester 

Let's work together.

Questions about Life Groups? Complete the form below and Pastor Taylor will contact you!