CLC Small Groups Leaders and teachers – 

The Utah Governor has moved us to yellow meaning we can come together with 50 or less in a group. Social distancing still needs to be practiced and you will have to work out the details of that for your group. I am emailing each of you, because you either lead a Bible Study or are connected to all that in some way. For my Bible study leaders, prayer group or small groups leaders here is my plan;

WED. NIGHT LIVE: Wednesday Nights will continue online till the late summer early fall and may continue after we meet in person again eventually. We usually don’t offer classes in the summer so having the online options will be a nice plus during a summer where we usually take the time off. We will not be coming back together for an in-person Wednesday Night until late August Early September.

SUPPORT GROUPS: I would love some feedback from our Support Group leaders on when they want to start back, come fall?

GROWING DEEP: When it comes to Sunday morning classes we will look at starting Growing Deep hopefully sometime this Summer or early fall depending on what Clayton and I chose to do.

GROWTH TRACK: Next Steps meetings will come back in August hopefully. (Maybe Sept.)

I will be working on holding in person ( & maybe online) small groups for a new EHS class probably beginning in July at some point. A specific date hasn’t been decided and we are trying to work out details of VBS and all that first.

Here is what I need to know from each of you(if this applies – men’s Bible Study, Women’s Bible Study, Spanish, etc.);

1. When do you want to bring your groups back together in person?

2. Will you keep an online presence?

3. Will your groups remain under 50?

4. When each group meets and the locations? (This needs to be emailed to for scheduling purposes.)

5. Any thoughts or concerns you have?

I believe in each and every one of you as capable leaders and I will not make an across the board decision for our comeback because of that. Additionally, there is no reason for me to do that. If you want to stay online at this time, I agree with your decision. Online presence for CLC classes has actually seen a major increase in many of our groups. It’s proven to show a whole extra strength of our church. Please email me your thoughts and you and I will work together to come up with a sensible and thoughtful plan for the future.

God Bless you all and your hard work –

Rob George, Executive Pastor

Christian Life Center

(801)771-7141 Ext. 51