Here is a list of ways that you can serve others during this time


1- Drive-Up and Donate – Currently from 9 am to 8 pm every day of the week we have a drive-up station where you can drop off Non-Perishable Goods for us to be able to help families in need in this time. This is located outside of the entrance of our main building, just Drive Up and Donate. Here is a list of always needed items (See the Attached Pictures)

2- Benevolence Gifts- As families are losing jobs and struggling to make it through these tough times, a way you can help them is giving to “Benevolence”. This is a fund set in place to help families who are struggling financially. While we cannot meet every single need, we can often help with some needs to relieve the financial pressure a family is experiencing. You can drop off a check just mark it BENEVOLENCE and or give online and do the same. Text giving is also an option (include that info)

3- Perishable Goods – While our food pantry does an excellent job of meeting needs we do not have the capability to keep a ton of perishable goods on-site. Here are two ways you can help us with this:

  • $25 Grocery Store Gift Card Donations – We are collecting $25 grocery store gift cards from Walmart, Smiths, Fresh Market, Target, etc. so that we can give a card to a family with our food pantry items and it will allow them to get what they need. Please drop those off at our Church Office Monday – Friday from 9 am to 4 pm or mail those to CLC 2352 E. Hwy 193, Layton UT 84040.
  • Get on the Perishable Provider List – If you would like to help deliver food to a family, whenever we need that done and also pay for and pick up perishable goods for them (i.e. Milk, eggs, bread, ground beef, chicken, etc.). Email to add you to that list and we will contact you when needed.


4- Grounds Maintenance at CLC – We could really use your help this summer on our grounds. We have over 25 acres of property and have several opportunities to help. If we all pitch in just 30 Minutes – 1 Hour a week we could cover so much ground and save the church money which can go into keeping ministries going and funded.
Here are some opportunities:

1. Pastor Ernie has volunteered to make sure our grounds get mowed every week. We have two riding lawn mowers, so anyone who would be willing to help Ernie on Friday or Saturdays cut grass please contact him.

2. Our property is so large that we have several “Sections” that we would like to have people volunteer to help us with. Each Section would be small and only require a small amount of time. If you and your family or a ministry would like to sponsor an area please contact Chris Crowder at

Section 1 – Upper Property along Highway 193. This could consist of cleaning up, weeding, maybe using the edger to keep things looking nice. (We have all necessary tools on campus)

Section 2 – Walk of Faith and around the front of the Educational Wing – This would consist of keeping weeds pulled, raking up pine needles, sweeping the Walk of Faith and keeping it looking nice. Planting a few seasonal plants, if possible and we could provide them for you in some planter boxes. Contact Chris Crowder for more info.

Section 3 – Lower Parking Lots (South Side of Main Building overlooking the Football Field)

  • Top Tier – Just need to keep it weeded
  • Middle Tier – Keep weeded
  • Lower Tier – Needs grass cut weekly but it is a small area. Probably 30 minutes a week.


Section 4 – Football field Flag Pole – Keep Weeded and plant some seasonal flowers, probably less than 30 minutes per week.

Section 5 – Weed-Eating Upper Property – This would need to be done on Fridays or Saturdays and would probably be less than 1 hour of weed-eating per week. (We have tools on campus)

Section 6 – Weed Eating Football Field – This would need to be done on Fridays or Saturdays and would probably be less than 1 hour of weed-eating per week. (We have tools on campus)

Section 7 – Playground – This would consist of weed control and cleaning- probably less than 30 minutes per week.

5. Prayer Chain – We need your prayer and this is the greatest weapon we have. If you want to be a part of our Prayer Chain which is led by Pillar Olson then email and she will forward that info to her. We will text you prayers and email communications as well.

6. Tithes and Offering – We are beyond blessed to have such a generous church. Thank you for all you continue to do. We know there is a lot of uncertainty in the months ahead, but we pray that you will and are able to remain faithful in these areas so that ministry continues with strength.

7. Youth and Teen Serving Opportunities – Pastor Jared is always working on a myriad of creative ideas so contact him at to be included on all those serving opportunities for your teen who is stuck at home.

We will continue to add to this list and keep it updated with more serving opportunities as they are presented. Thank you for your kindness and willingness to help others. Jesus states in Matthew 23:11-12 – “The greatest among you will be your servant. 12 For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” We are constantly praying for you, your health and safety.